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The first step in taking up flying, as a career or just for pleasure, is to undertake a Trial Instructional Flight, or TIF. This is normally conducted for 30-60 minutes after a brief on the helicopter you will fly with your instructor. The idea is to see if flying a helicopter is really for you.

Next, Flight medical and ASIC card obtained.

During the initial stages of flight instruction you will always be with a flight instructor. You will be taught the basics of flight in preparation for your first solo flight in the circuit area (rectangular pattern flown around an aerodrome), but will be familiarised with the local training area, usually a ten mile area around the airport. During this time you consolidate your training and build flying experience. Most likely, you will be ready to fly solo after approximately 20 hours of instruction. However each subsequent solo flight must be authorised by your instructor.

Before you can fly solo, you will need to pass an examination in Air Law and be issued with a Student Pilot License. To be issued the SPL, you must be at least 16 years of age and be capable of reading, writing, speaking and understanding the English language. You will also need to obtain an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) from CASA, supply photographs and identification documentation, and complete a security check. We will guide you through these steps.

Your first solo in the training area will involve practising simulated engine failure during which you will exercise your own judgement, simulate radio calls and trouble checks as well as passenger briefs. It will also include a short navigation exercise to and from the local training area to enable you to demonstrate some chart reading skills.

As you progress, you will learn to fly the aircraft in all situations in preparation for your General Flying Progress Test (GFPT). Before you can undertake this test you first need to pass the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge theory examination.

Your instructor will continue to add to your knowledge base and flying skills as you progress towards your Final Theory Examination. 1 Exam covering all 7 Flight subjects. We strongly encourage you to obtain your flight theory material from AFT. They will post you a pack with most of what you will need for the theory study.

Once you have passed your theory examination your Instructor will guide you towards your final Ground test and flight examination. You will need to be at your best, your flight testing officer will have a very high standard of expectation.

Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilots License is a career step. It allows a pilot who loves flying to “work for hire or reward” that is the Pilot can earn a living by using his or her talents to fly a range of different roles.

We will tailor a training course to teach you all the practical and theoretical skills required to achieve your CPL. Should you choose to fly full time and have no previous flying experience then the course will take around nine months to complete.

The course consists of 7 theoretical subjects that you can either study full time( recommended) at our Ground school specialist or you can choose to study part time and spread out the practical component to fit your commitments. We strongly recommend a study and flight plan worked out with our instructors to ensure the most effective and cost efficient program for you. Flying is expensive, the last thing you want is to have to re do subjects or flight times because of mismanaged time.

For pilots who are new to aviation we will guide you along the path and collect your Private Pilots License along the way, where you learn to fly the helicopter for recreational use first.

You then continue with our Commercial course and fine tune your skills and learn to manipulate the helicopter to the standard required of a commercial pilot. Our teaching involves scenario based learning. We teach our lessons with practical real world scenarios, not just to fill your logbook and get you test ready. It is our ethos that a graduated student should leave our school with sound judgement, knowledge of his or her limitations, and be a safe effective pilot.
As our Instructors are also Commercial Pilots and we are heavily involved with two other Utility and Charter companies you will be invited to participate in Commercial jobs with your instructor when ever possible. You could be assisting with planning for shot notice photography jobs, managing ground loading and Aerial operations at public events, assisting on Lifting operations, assisting with fire fighting or flood relief. You will also be exposed to as many parts of the industry as possible, giving you a polished and well rounded entry into the aviation sector.
Our goal is to make you as employable as possible at the completion of your training and give you exposure to potential employers along the way, not just churn out your hours and send you on your way.

Come and see us, discuss your goals, have a coffee and lets discuss how you can benefit from training with us.


Advanced Flight Training and Endorsements

Contact our office for details on any endorsements or advanced flight training, sling training etc you may be looking to complete.
We have CFI and ATO in house who can guide you in the best direction to meet your requirements.